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PMI Second Residence - Vacation

True OR False, Myths About Vacation Homes

True OR False, Myths About Vacation Homes

All short-term/vacation homes have the stereotyped portrait of corporate housing with no leisure themed or second home like accommodations… False 

There’re all types of residences available for rental varying from bunker bed style for solo travelers to luxury homes with affluent amenities in envied locations 

Short-term/vacation homes are scantily equipped, only beds, sofas & towels are offered… False 

Well-regarded vacation rentals are typically well-furnished & represented with all looked-for house equipment’s (from coffee machine, utensils for all guests, nice sound bar, etc...) to make guests feel like home

Short-term/vacation homes are pricier compared with hotel lodging… False

Considering several aspects like length of stay, number of guests, aimed location & desired amenities, lodgers can find rental residences more budget friendly than hotels

After check-in, guests on their own… False

Successful short-term managers or hosts are always available for their residents to solve any abrupt issues or offer the local guidance regarding tours or famous outings

Professional Short-term/vacation managers & owners are always enthusiastic about renting their properties… True

Vacation rental managers & property owners enjoy the thrilling feeling of welcoming guests, providing them with the memorable experience they wish and promptly responding to their positive hospitality reviews