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Short-Term Rentals Description: Expectations vs. Reality

Short-Term Rentals Description: Expectations vs. Reality

Guests’ hopes are not always the same when they are scrolling down an online list full of rentals filtered according to their location & size preferences, but certainly these hopes will be translated to solid expectations in contradiction of what they’re reading in the rental portrayal;

Hosts & owners should be highly attentive to details, precision & wording while describing their listings on OTAs to avoid situations could vary from futile to unfortunate.

Skimpy listing description would usually lead to the pointless cascade of minimal traction on the rental, less reviews & eventually marginal revenues;

Host shouldn’t go short, presumptive or outdated while portraying the property location, amenities or even unique floor plan (few minutes’ walk from restaurants vs. prodigious Italian restaurant just around the corner, smart TV vs. 65” TV screen with entertainment & sports subscriptions) Big difference, right?  

Mirror rental pictures with the right phrasing avoiding generic words & deceiving details that can backfire in the reviews field;

Guest will visualize the reserved rental based on what is really written (Spacious bedroom & big closet vs. 170 sqft bedroom with walk-in closet, condo is located in the heart of the city vs. condo is 7 mins walking from the museum & 5 mins driving from the famous shopping mall) professional & clear, right?

Targeted description for the right guests for rentals having distinctive characteristics like business or leisure area locations, property size with particular guest occupancy, unique amenities for some travelers like playing rooms for families or big pools, any special guest services like providing pickups if local laws allows.

In a nutshell, host should think like the guest when they ariculate their listing description because in that case, right words can be converted to substantial financial returns.