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PMI Second Residence - Vacation

Short-Term Rentals Description: Expectations vs. Reality

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Guests’ hopes are not always the same when they are scrolling down an online list full of rentals filtered according to their location & size preferences, but certainly these hopes will be translated to solid expectations in contradiction of what they’re reading in the rental portrayal;Hosts & owners should be highly a...

Recognized Spots in Houston for Vacation Homes

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Annual figures of visitors coming to Houston shows a growth pattern reaching 22.3 million in 2018 with rising demand on accommodations in the big city. Travelers usually spend most of the trip preparation time on locating the top lodging neighborhoods based on their best interests, costs & the attractions they wish to visit; &nbs...

True OR False, Myths About Vacation Homes

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All short-term/vacation homes have the stereotyped portrait of corporate housing with no leisure themed or second home like accommodations… False There’re all types of residences available for rental varying from bunker bed style for solo travelers to luxury homes with affluent amenities in envied locations Sho...

Why Short-Term rentals are good investments?

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1. Least business risk exposure among real estate investmentsLocation choice for your vacation property will offer a variety of investment possibilities, ultimately high occupancy/high rate spots will generate substantial revenue streams, and you still have the option to operate it as residential property for steady cash flow option.2. Ch...